How to Choose an Outdoor WiFi Security Camera

Do you want a wireless outdoor security camera that is fully wireless without any cable? Or do you want a wireless security camera with a WiFi setup? In any case, you can find the best solution that suits your needs with or without the power cables.

WiFi Signal

Ideally, WiFi security cameras can get signals 210 feet away from the router. This is possible in an open area where there are no obstacles and interference in between. Also, they can deliver stable live streaming. If you are going to use it around your home, you should place it a distance of 60 feet away from the router. It is advisable to get a quality outdoor WiFi security camera to avoid getting your camera off-line and common network issues. If the WiFi network is quite challenging in your area, you should consider using a WiFi extender to boost the signal.

IP Rating

monitoring security cameraAre you worried that your outdoor security camera would break down during harsh weather? With IP code, you can know whether the security camera is ideal for the local weather conditions. Ideally, the IP65 rating that is common with most outdoor home security cameras is adequate for exterior home monitoring. On the other hand, an IP66 rating is common with traditional wireless security cameras that are completely waterproof. Your camera will be fine as long as you do not immerse it in the water.

Night Vision

Do you want a wireless security camera that can monitor your property even at night? Then you should not miss getting IR night vision camera that suits your needs. This type of camera helps you to see distant objects clearly even in total darkness where there is no street light or other source of light. If you need better clarity at night, this type of camera provides night vision with complex image sensors.

An outdoor wireless security camera offers a wide range of benefits. Some of the benefits include:

  • Super HD resolution
  • Adequate local storage space
  • Remote access via mobile phone app
  • Waterproof housing
  • IR night vision capability
  • Motion alerts by push notifications and email
  • Continues recording with NVR
  • Easy setup
  • Motion sensing capability