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Common Roofing Problems

Roofs are exposed to all manner of external elements, most of which are known to be destructive. The effect of exposure to these elements is often gradual, which implies roofing problems are often a consequence of prolonged damage. This article looks at some common roofing problems and some practical solutions prescribed to homeowners.shingle pattern

Cracked Shingles


Cracked shingles are considered one of the most common structural problem observed among shingled roofs. This roofing problem is potentially one of the most costly as it often exposes your home water damage, which can affect the integrity of your home in many ways. Ideally, the only way you can be safe from shingle-based problems is to schedule for regular inspection. This will help you act on cracks, splits, and blistering which are often the leading causes of damp spots.

Warped Flashing

Every roof you see has some edges installed at the edge of the roof and vulnerable areas such as the chimney, valleys, and vents. Flashing components are often made of durable parts to eliminate the risk posed by structural deficiencies on your roof such as leaks and pooled water. Over time, the flushing is bound to decay or warp, thus exposing your roof. As such, it is imperative to have these elements checks and possibly have them replaced.

Installation Issues

Installation issues are often tied to the proficiency of the roofing contractor you hire. Nothing can be as dangerous as a poorly installed roof that leaves your home exposed to all manner of external elements. As much as you might have invested in the best roofing materials, a poor installation will undoubtedly give you a raw deal. Enlisting the services of a certified contractor such as Appleton Roofing Company will see you avoid installation-related issues.roof of a home

Long-Term Snowfall

This is undoubtedly a primary cause of roofing problems, only that it is not structural-based. Most roofs are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions, just that there might be instances when your roofs limits get a real test. Long-term snowfall can a real test as it creates an immense load on your ceiling. If you leave in an area that is prone to snow and storms, the best thing to do is to ensure that your roof is designed to handle these elements. You might also think about the possibility of improving the ventilation to make the snow on your roof met faster.…