How to Choose the Right Type of Sofa

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It’s exciting to pick a sofa for your space, there are endless options. Saving money is easier because you can have customization for your sofa and accessories with throw pillows.

Some people view buying a sofa as the most crucial investment for your home. The sofas NZ are available in a wide variety of options. Here are things to consider when choosing the right type of sofa:

The Material

Selecting the right upholstery fabric for your sofa is important. For a home with pets and kids, you better choose a fabric that will give better performance. Consider qualities of material such as cleaning codes and upkeep requirements. Natural materials may fade with time especially if the sofa is near a window, you might prefer synthetic fabric.

If you are worried about cleaning, you can add loose covers which are washable on top of the sofa. White suede sofas and leather sofas are so beautiful but dangerous in a house with pets and toddlers. Sofas that are used outdoors, select sunbrella fabrics that are resistant to stains, fading from the sun and water.

Measure Up

Make sure your measurements are accurate to know exactly how small or large your sofa can fit. Measure again and again to prevent errors. Include the length, width, and height of your specific rooms. Don’t forget to take measurements of the doorways and hallways, so that your sofa fits when moving to your room.

Taking the correct measurements also prevents unnecessary scuffing of walls and accidents when moving. Take note of the height of the sofa if your room has shelving and radiators. An easy way to know if your sofa will fit in your space is to cut the shape of your sofa from a newspaper and place it on the floor of the room.

Pick the Right Cushions

Cushions are meant to offer comfort on a sofa. The sofa back should have feather-filled cushions for proper back resting. Foam or fiber-filled cushions may flatten out and lose their shape after some time.

It is recommended to have a combination of feather and foam fillings, feathers give the squish and foam give the structure. You can have the back cushions with feather fillings and seat cushions with foam or fiber fillings. For a formal sitting area, you may want to go with firm seat cushions. For a home comfortable sofa, go for comfy “sink-in” seat cushions.


Color and Style

Choosing your sofa color is the biggest decision. The colors available are plenty, from a bright statement to a detailed pattern or a neutral color. Ensure that you select a color that you love and you will not get tired of looking at it.

Stick to the sofa that matches your style, if your style is traditional, pick the sofa that suits the style. A contemporary style matches the modern sofa. For a sleek style, choose a sofa that matches the cleanliness and a pop of colors.