Top Reasons to Have Your Roof Replaced

new roof

The roof plays a vital role in a house. Without this structural element, it is not possible to enjoy living in any home. It is also worth noting that living in a house with roofing issues can be regrettable considering that you have to put up with all manner of roof-related problems such as water damage, high utility costs, and many more. That said, this article outlines some top reasons to have your roof replaced.

roof installationCurled Shingle Tabs

Shingle circles often happen in two ways. First, you can have the edges turn upwards, which is known as cupping. Secondly, you can also have the middle start rising with the edges still in position. These curls are quite common in roofs that are more than five years old. It is essential to have the roof replaced by professional installers from Appleton Roofing Company if you notice these sights to prevent potential leaks.

Missing Shingles

The roof is exposed to all manner of elements. This means that you are bound to have some shingles blown off by wind or mechanically removed by some destructive birds with time. If you only have a few missing shingles, the best course of action is to …